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Three trends Portaire's community is obsessed with

This past month has shown us exactly what our community is into... showing us some interesting trends we didn't see coming.

Clayworks bringing to life the textured neutrals trend
Three trends Portaire's community is obsessed with
Lori Bolon
July 27, 2022

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Textured neutrals

Our community members have been loving a clean look with rugged edges, because who said minimalism has to be boring? Add a little texture in your next design: you won't regret it. This will enable your designs to escape that clinical look that minimalism corners designers into. In addition, it can transform the atmosphere you are creating. Texture can bring us back to the natural shapes and finishes popular in Mediterranean design, in turn making your clean lines look lived in and homelier.

Funky floors

Portaire's community has embraced an eclectic style with loud floors that command the attention of the whole room. If you're leaning into the maximalist look that is starting to trend right now, you might want to invest in some colourful, exciting flooring today. If you decide to do so, make sure the rest of the design is paired down to allow the floors to shine.

Sculptural lights

Finally, we've seen a great upsurge in lighting that draws from sculptural influences. Build the perfect mood with lights that inspire the artist and the muse. Perhaps one of the most important decisions you can make when designing a room is the lighting, so we think an artistic version of such is the perfect purchase. You can go for a minimalist, almost industrial look, or opt for the rougher, more hand-made nature of others. Whatever your choice, we know these lights will elevate your look.