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Insider's Guide to HIX 2023: Trends in hotel design


hix 2023
Insider's Guide to HIX 2023: Trends in hotel design
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 11, 2024

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Hotel design is a mystery to some and an inspiration for many, and in this edition of HIX, your hotel design dreams and questions will be met and answered. The event will be running from 16th to the 17th November at the Business Design Centre in the heart of London's hospitality design scene, and will feature the newest, cutting-edge trends in hospitality interiors.

In this insider's guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about HIX 2023; the where, when, what and how of the next few days. Because we are official sponsors, we've got that extra insight into the adventure that will follow... So keep scrolling, and brace yourself for the most beautiful hotel interior design exhibit you've ever seen.

Diving deep into HIX 2023: the premier London expo for hispitality

Now, let's explore HIX 2023 and discover what makes it the premier event for hotel design professionals, interior designers, and procurement experts.

What is HIX?

HIX is all about people, perspectives and progress. The event unites the hospitality community over two days filled with exhibitions, installations, discussions, and celebrations. As the only hotel design event in Europe, HIX showcases the most innovative and exceptional hotel interior experiences around. Register here.When is HIX 2023 taking place?

hix event

When is HIX 2023 taking place?

Taking place on 16 & 17 November, HIX 2023 is welcoming designers, architects, operators, investors, project managers, procurement specialists and more to discover the entire hotel supply chain under one roof.

hix event

What is this year's HIX theme?

HIX 2023 is centered around the theme 'a room with a point of view,' emphasizing voices, concepts, and values that will shape the future of hospitality design. Unlike last year, which celebrated positive outcomes emerging from disruption, HIX 2023 shifts its focus to people, perspectives, and progress. Anticipating the next phase of hotel design, the event spotlights unique viewpoints influencing future guest experiences. HIX serves as a platform for individuals, projects, and voices that contribute to making hotels truly remarkable.

hix event

Why the buzz around HIX 2023?

Because hotel interior design is so rarely given the spotlight, HIX 2023 is a unique moment to envelope oneself if the dynamic world of hospitality and design. At this event, you'll have the opportunity to attend talks (more on that later), discover some incredible suppliers, and ultimately be at the forefront of industry trends and de Future of Hotel Design at HIX 2023

hix event

The future of hotel interior design

As we look towards the future of hotel design, HIX 2023 is paving the way with incredible suppliers, interior designers, and thought leaders who are shaping the industry.

Incredible suppliers

Designers may be the wizards behind the hotel design magic, but the spells and potions are all down to the incredible suppliers supporting them. This annual exhibition is decked out with the highest calibre of design brands, which together create the most formidable of guest experiences.

hix event

In particular, we have to talk about Dornbracht. Based in Iserlohn, this brand is the leading specialist supplier of superior designer fittings and accessories for bathroom, spa and kitchen. At HIX 2023 you'll be able to see the incredible MEM tap, known for its clarity, simplicity and balance. Check it out in Stand 1... You won't be disappointed.

hix event

HIX Talks

What lies ahead for inclusive design? How can hotel design connect with local communities? What lessons can future hotels glean from architectural history? How can we improve the interiors supply chain? Dive into these significant questions at HIX Talks, a two-day series featuring panels, keynotes, interviews, and presentations on pivotal hotel design topics. This year's lineup boasts prominent contributors, including David Chipperfield Architects, Zoku, Buro Happold, Room2, WilkinsonEyre, Feix&Merlin, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Anarchitect, BeInclusive Hospitality, ReardonSmith, Bergman Interiors, SUSD, and more.

Highlights include:

  1. Studio Confidential: Tristan Auer. Take a behind-the-scenes look at one of Europe's leading design studios as acclaimed designer Tristan Auer and Managing Director Gaelle Rioualen delve into the intricacies of running a world-renowned practice. Aligned with the Festival of Hospitality theme 'If:and:or:else,' exploring the impact of design and operational choices, this session explores the decision-making process driving their inspiration and its effects on their team, studio, and projects.
  2. Keynote: Johannes Torpe. Johannes Torpe, known for groundbreaking designs from NASA nightclubs to immersive dining experiences and sensory retail solutions, shares the inside story of his design perspective. Discover how he applies this unconventional thinking to major projects worldwide in this engaging keynote.
hix event