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The digital transformation of the Interior Design industry

Explore the digital transfromation of interior design here. Get inspired and learn about the latest trends in digital interior design.

The digital transformation of the Interior Design industry
Clara Carlino de Paz
March 21, 2024

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How has the interior design industry changed in the last decade?

The interior design industry has experienced a profound digital transformation throughout the last few years. E-commerce and cloud-based softwares have emerged as a dominant force in the industry, powerfully impacting the way consumers and interior designers engage with products and services.

From our analytics, we can see exponential growth in searches for “AI interior design”, “Portaire” and “augmented reality”, which showcases a rising interest in the frontiers of design and technology.Today, designers expect to find inspiration, source and communicate totally online, something which only a few years ago seemed impossible. The pandemic and ensuing shutdown showed designers it is possible to do everything online, and now they have the skills and confidence to do so freely.

While online and social media platforms have become central hubs for inspiration, designers are still expressing concern over their limitations these platforms provide in regard to vetting and quality control. This has opened a gap in designers' confidence sourcing on social media exclusively and are often looking for other reliable sources before specifying products.

As a result we are seeing the majority of our brands and the brands we speak to updating their websites; understanding this is now changing the hierarchy of their bricks and mortar shop fronts versus their online platforms.

global interior design software market

Beyond Suppliers’ websites, Portaire was designed to provide that additional layer of trust with designers. Through a heavy vetting process, Portaire has won the trust of some of the top design studios in the UK, such as Albion Nord or 1508 London and has positioned itself as a leader of curation. To us, this continues to show a rising need for digital solutions in the interiors industry.

Virtual showrooms and design tools, including augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, have also allowed customers and designers to visualise products in their own or clients’ spaces, contributing to a more immersive and informed decision-making process for everyone.


The new age of digital interior design

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