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Portaire launches powerful product management software for interior designers

Accelerate work and boost collaboration with powerful tools that simplify sourcing, specifying and scheduling.

Portaire launches powerful product management software for interior designers
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 23, 2023

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London, 23 January 2023 - Portaire, the rising British-Australian interior design start-up, is thrilled to announce the launch of its sourcing, specifying and scheduling tools for interior designers.

Driven by a shared passion for collaboration and a frustration with the siloed state of the interior design industry, co-founders Lori Bolon, Interior Architect, and Matteo Grand, Product Designer, knew the sector’s systemic problems could be fixed.

Ahead of the software’s development, Bolon and Grand set out to deeply understand the industry’s problems. They reached out to hundreds of interior designers in the UK and Europe, including top designers from AD 100, and 79% of them cited time and project mismanagement as their biggest concern today. Another key factor also arose: 95% of construction and architecture firms in the UK and the EU employ fewer than 10 people, thus relying on external collaboration. The issues were clear, and the solution was evident: Portaire needed to help designers and studios develop projects seamlessly, in one place, with their extended teams.

Today, Portaire is a unified design platform that make it easy for interior designers to maintain schedules and mood boards with everyone from team members to clients and contractors. To make things easier, Portaire also offers designers the ability to quickly source and specify luxury products from some of the UK and Europe's top suppliers.

"We are thrilled to bring Portaire to the interiors industry," said Lori Bolon, co-founder and CEO. "After 17 years in the interior architecture and design industry, I knew technology could empower designers to make designing a priority again. And now it’s happening."

You can sign up to Portaire today, and book a time to be personally onboarded by the team. As a special launch offer, you can sign up and explore completely for free.

About Portaire.

Portaire is a SaaS company focused on enabling interior designers to easily manage their workflow, simplify their daily tasks, and source the best products from the fastest-growing luxury interior architectural directory in the UK and Europe. Learn more at or follow at LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.