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Salone del Mobile 2024: The ultimate guide for designers

Discover the best places, events and restaurants to go to in Milan for Salone del Mobile 2024.

salone del mobile 2024
Dornbracht's new showroom in Milan, opening for Salone del Mobile. Photographer Barbara Francoli and Carlo Donati Studio.
Salone del Mobile 2024: The ultimate guide for designers
March 27, 2024

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Each year, Milan, Italy becomes the epicentre of the design world as the Salone del Mobile, or Milan Furniture Fair, unfolds. This prestigious event, held from Tuesday, April 16 to Sunday, April 21 this year, is no ordinary trade show. It's a trendsetting platform where the who's who of furniture design unveil their latest creations, offering a glimpse into the trends that future clients will be demanding in the next months and years. 

In this article, we will detail seven (or more!) things we suggest all designers do whilst they’re in Milan for the show, including the highlights (such as the fair itself), and the more undercover showroom openings and events you might not know about. We also add a couple restaurant and bar recommendations because it’s la bella vita after all!

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Why is Salone del Mobile so important?

For furniture and interior designers, the Salone del Mobile is a must-visit. Imagine sprawling pavilions filled with cutting-edge furniture, lighting, and décor from leading international brands. Think of any other place where such established names and rising stars showcase their most innovative concepts – from statement furniture pieces that redefine functionality to luxury creations that blur the line between art and design.

The Salone del Mobile extends beyond just furniture. Euroluce, a biennial event held alongside the main fair, focuses on lighting design, showcasing the latest trends in illumination. Similarly, EuroCucina, held every other year, delves into the world of kitchen design, highlighting advancements and innovations in this crucial space.

The influence of the Salone del Mobile goes far beyond the walls of the exhibition center.  The trends and ideas presented here shape the course of design on a global scale, influencing what we see in stores and ultimately, the way we furnish our lives.

This year's Salone del Mobile, scheduled for April 16th to 21st, promises to be even more exciting.  With a focus on sustainability and the ever-evolving relationship between design and technology, the fair is poised to set the stage for the design conversations of tomorrow.

Versace home in 2019 via Vogue

Why should you attend Salone del Mobile 2024? 

The upcoming Salone del Mobile 2024 in Milan promises a renewed dedication to kitchen design with EuroCucina, the prestigious biennial showcase for kitchen suppliers. This dedicated exhibition will present the latest advancements in kitchen technology and design trends. 

It is expected that a particular emphasis will be placed on the integration of food and culinary experiences within the kitchen space, with live demonstrations and cutting-edge product displays offering attendees invaluable insights and inspiration for creating their clients’ ideal culinary environments.

Environmental responsibility remains a core principle for Salone del Mobile this year. Both EuroCucina and the International Bathroom Exhibition will feature immersive installations that highlight eco-friendly practices and water-saving innovations. These exhibits will demonstrate the tangible impact that design choices can have on daily water consumption, as evidenced by the insights shared by Maria Porro during the Road to Salone tour.

2024 also marks a significant anniversary for SaloneSatellite, the platform that has fostered young design talent for the past 25 years. A special, free exhibition located at Pavilions 5 and 7 will showcase the work of emerging designers from around the world.  Additionally, a dedicated retrospective exhibition at the Triennale Milano museum will delve into the history and lasting influence of SaloneSatellite.

Adding an unexpected element to the event is the inclusion of an installation by the renowned filmmaker David Lynch. Visitors are encouraged to explore this intriguing artistic experience at Pavilions 5-7.

While EuroCucina takes centre stage this year, the main Salone del Mobile exhibition will continue to showcase the latest design innovations across furniture, lighting, and décor. This comprehensive event offers a unique opportunity to experience the future of design at a global scale… What are you waiting for?

What should you do at Salone del Mobile 2024?

01. Explore the fair

This might be obvious, but you should make plenty of time to attend Salone del Mobile. In Portaire’s opinion (and experience attending 2023’s edition), the fair is much larger and incredible than you could imagine, so it’s worth attending multiple times during your stay. You can find tickets here

02. Attend Dornbracht’s showroom opening

Because we have some incredible brands working with us, we also get to be in the know about some secret parties and openings. During Salone del Mobile 2024, Dornbracht opens a permanent showroom, the "Space of Discovery”. Located in Brera, the 260 sqm space is designed as a multi-sensory experience showcasing the brand.

Visitors can explore Dornbracht's latest innovations, including a new sculptural shower we can’t wait for you to see. The upper floor, housing also the new products, takes inspiration as its guiding principle. Here, the focus is on the manufacturer's classics in the bathroom and kitchen area as well as its shower expertise.

The lower area offers consultations with Dornbracht experts and delves into the company's services like x-tra service, concealed solutions, and Dornbracht ReCrafted. Don’t miss out!


Dornbracht Showroom

Via Palermo 19A, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Opening times during the trade fair:

16, 19 and 20 April 2024: 10:00 am until 10:00 pm

17, 18 and 21 April 2024: 10:00 am until 6:00 pm

Regular opening times:

Monday until Thursday: 10:00 am until 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm

Friday: 10:00 am until 1:00 pm

03. Listen in to the best roundtables the industry has to offer

Attending curated talks on future design might be one of your highlights of Salone 2024. The "Drafting Futures" program features morning talks at 11am in the Drafting Futures Arena (Pavilion 14), designed by Formafantasma. Annalisa Rosso curates these conversations exploring upcoming design trends. You can find more information about these talks here.

Image by Design Diffusion

04. Visit Villa Necchi

Villa Necchi Campiglio, also sometimes called Casa Necchi Campiglio, is an architectural gem located in the centre of Milan, Italy. Built between 1932 and 1935 by architect Piero Portaluppi, it was commissioned by the Necchi Campiglio family, part of the wealthy Milanese industrial middle class. The design reflects the Rationalist architectural style, characterised by clean lines and functionality.

Today, the villa is a museum open to the public.  Stepping inside, you'll be transported back to the 1930s with its well-preserved Art Deco and Neo-Seventeenth Century interiors. The house features luxurious furnishings, a famous veranda-terrace designed as a "green salon," and a collection of artworks by Italian and international artists.

Despite its central location, Villa Necchi Campiglio is tucked away in a secluded corner with a lush private garden, swimming pool, and tennis court. This creates a peaceful oasis in the heart of the bustling city.

The villa is considered a significant example of 20th-century Milanese architecture and design. It offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of the wealthy Milanese upper class during that era. Also, it’s where House of Gucci was filmed, for the high fashion and cinema fans among us!

Image by Bulgari Hotels

05. Check out Nilufar Gallery and Depot

Founded in 1979 by Nina Yashar, Nilufar Gallery has carved a unique space in the Milanese design scene. Originally specialising in antique carpets, the gallery soon expanded its focus to encompass modern and contemporary design.

Nilufar is known for its curated exhibitions featuring works by established design masters alongside those of  promising up-and-coming talents. This blend of historical context and cutting-edge innovation has solidified Nilufar's reputation as a must-visit for design enthusiasts.

Nilufar operates across two key locations in Milan:

  • The original gallery space is located in Via della Spiga, a prestigious street known for its high-end design stores.
  • In 2015, Nilufar Depot opened in Via Lancetti. This massive 1,500 square meter warehouse showcases a vast selection of the Nilufar collection, offering a more expansive experience for visitors.
Image by NILUFAR

06. Discover the beauty of Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Since 2002, this gallery transformed from a private collection into a platform that elevates contemporary design to the level of collectible art. Here, you won't find mass-produced furniture – instead, expect unique pieces by established and emerging designers, blurring the lines between art and functionality.

The gallery, housed in a former tie factory, showcases a truly international selection of talent.  Orlandi seeks out the most innovative voices from around the world, creating a space where visitors can discover the latest trends in global design.  Despite its global reach, the gallery retains a distinctly Milanese charm, fostering a vibrant community of creators and collectors.

Stepping into Rossana Orlandi Gallery is more than just browsing furniture – it's an immersive journey. The space itself, with its distinct layout and courtyard, becomes part of the experience.  Each curated selection tells a story, sparking conversation and igniting a deeper appreciation for design.

Image by Flawless.Life

07. Eat, drink and have the time of your life

It wouldn’t be a round-up of Milan without some recommendations from our Italian-Australian co-founder, Matteo Grand. He personally recommends:

  1. Rovello 18
  2. Bar Basso – a proper institution during Salone 
  3. Dry 
  4. Marchesi 1824
  5. Antica Trattoria della Pesa

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