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When Fashion meets Interior Design

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Collage by Portaire
When Fashion meets Interior Design
Clara Carlino de Paz
January 10, 2024

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Fashion and interior design are two industries that have always been intertwined. From the patterns on clothing to the prints on wallpaper, fashion has influenced interior design for centuries. In this article, we delve deeper into this connection and explore the history of fashion and interior design ahead of London Design Week SS24 happening from Friday 15 September to Tuesday 19 September 2023.

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The connection between fashion and interior design

Fashion and interior design share a common focus on aesthetics and self-expression. Both industries follow trends, embrace innovation, and inspire each other. By incorporating elements like colour, texture, and pattern, fashion designers often draw inspiration from interior design and vice versa, making both industries extremely related to one another.

The history of fashion and interior design

For members of the upper classes, fashion and interiors have always been extensions of the self; areas where one could exhibit wealth and taste. Because of this, changes in trends and style in one field generally affect the other.

fashion interior design
Collage featuring image by Bakstone construction and painting 'Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun, 1778'

Sister industries

Fashion and interior design, often referred to as sister industries, also share similarities in creativity and design principles. Both industries focus on creating elevated sensory experiences that make our everyday lives better and more comfortable. And, of course, both try to achieve form and function.

fashion interior design
Yayoi Kusama, artist and frequent collaborator with fashion houses and interior designers. Credit: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert / Getty Images

Different trend time cycles

Despite fashion and interiors being similar, they both run on different time cycles. Fashion is faster and more prone to change, while homeware is more stable and slow-moving.

Milan Online Fashion show by SHINE News

Why are fashion brands entering the interior design and homeware space?

With the meteoric rise of fashion houses in the last 20 years, it is no surprise that they are venturing into the sister industry of interior design. However, this change has been accelerated by the pandemic and social media.

The pandemic

The pandemic led to a shift towards home-focused lifestyles, prompting fashion brands to recognize the growing demand for homeware and interior design products. As people sought sanctuary in their homes, the convergence of fashion and interior design accelerated.

ballerina farm
Ballerina Farm's kitchen, made famous through her lifestyle TikToks through the pandemic

A rising industry worth billions

The interior design and homeware industry presents a lucrative market with substantial revenue growth potential for fashion brands. Consumers are willing to invest in high-quality interior design products, driven by increasing disposable income, less children and changing preferences.

Inside Yves Saint Laurent's 'decadent' homes - BBC Culture
Yves Saint Laurent's home by BBC

Social media

For the first time ever, your picture backdrop can matter as much as your outfit. With the rise of content creation among Gen Z and millenials, homeware has become increasingly important.

alix earle
Influencer Alix Earle's infamous messy bedroom

A missing piece where luxury fits

Luxury fashion brands expanding into interior design makes sense. They bring curated aesthetics, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to the already exclusive world of interior design, which has, until now, been led by budget brands such as IKEA. This precise segment offers prestige and fills a gap in the market.

Virgil Abloh's Ikea Collection MARKERAD Goes On Sale In November
Virgil Abloh's Ikea Collection MARKERAD via House Beautiful

And so, fashion enters the stage

As fashion enters the elegant interior design space, so do its trends, aesthetics and marketing tactics. Here are some stand outs worth checking out.


Gucci's homeware collection seamlessly extends Alessandro Michele's whimsical Gucci-verse, blending eclecticism with a touch of quirky 70s vintage charm. Whether it's an eye-catching footstool or an eccentric tiger pillow, these pieces are sure to spark lively conversations and unite people, transforming spaces into vibrant hubs where coloring pads and Tequila Sunrises take center stage.

Gucci homeware by AnOther Magazine


Loewe, pronounced "lo-weh-vay," has undergone a remarkable transformation under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson. In the past decade, it has risen to become one of the most talked-about brands, shedding old conventions for a vibrant, Ibiza-inspired style. Expanding into homeware was a natural step for Loewe, allowing them to showcase their bold aesthetic. Their range includes eye-catching blankets, chairs, decorative boxes, and alluring home fragrances, reflecting the brand's distinctive and captivating design ethos.

milan design week
Loewe design exhibit at Salone, Milan, 2023 by Designboom

London Fashion Week and Interior Design week

London Fashion Week will run from September 15th to Tuesday, September 19th, 2023. Among the anticipated showcases are presentations from 16Arlington, Burberry, JW Anderson, KNWLS, Molly Goddard, Richard Quinn, ROKSANDA, and Simone Rocha.

In light of these exciting shows, let's chat about how interior designers can use this week to their benefit.

Taking textile and structural inspiration

As a designer, you can draw inspiration from catwalk shows, perhaps even letting yourself guide to new colour palettes, sillouhettes and textures. Because trend cycles in the fashion world move so much faster, and London Fashion Week is focusing in the spring and summer seasons of 2024, its catwalks can also be a wonderful place in which to understand what is en vogue, or about to be in the near future. Who knows, maybe your next cushions will be inspired by a gown!

Simone rocha
Simone Rocha by Cultured Magazine

Visiting iconic interiors

While fashion will undoubtedly be the focus on London Fashion Week, interior design and architecture will be present in the venues of shows, events and celebrations. Think The Londoner, Charlotte Street Hotel, Selfridges at 400 Oxford Street... It's time to explore London again!

Selfridges - Oxford Street

If you're an interior designer visiting London Fashion Week, don't forget to send us an email with your favourite moments and shots.