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TOP 7: Modern and contemporary UK-based interior designers

British interior design is as beautiful as it is varied, and in this article we’re shining a light on the modern, contemporary designers killing it right now.

Jessica Summer interiors. Interior design. Luxury kitchen. Wabi Sabi. Contemporary.
Jessica Summer's interiors
TOP 7: Modern and contemporary UK-based interior designers
Clara Carlino de Paz
September 30, 2022

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Interior design is constantly evolving. From traditional, to cottage to Scandinavian, the whole world is hungry for innovative, elegant and playful design. In the UK, interior designers are creating fabulous spaces every day, and today we wanted to highlight their work and shout out their studios. From dark sophistication, to exciting pattern-layering, we’re into it.

Child Studio

Alexy Kos and Che Huang are the heads behind London-based Child Studio. The studio creates nostalgic and cinematic places for the hospitality, retail, and residential interiors, with a signature sleek, elegant style that is instantly recognizable.

Isabelle Lomas

Design expert Isabelle Lomas is renowned for her elegant, fun, and cosy aesthetic. In the last seven years, Lomas, who was born and raised in London, has worked for a variety of designers, including Martin Brudnizki, Soho House Group, Sarah Delaney, Precious Mcbane, and Conran + Partners. She has expertise in designing restaurants, hotels, private residences, and projects in London, Europe, and the US from idea to completion. 

Jessica Summer

Jessica Summer works passionately to create serene, harmonious spaces that are restful, uplifting and beautifully detailed. Throughout her 10 years in the interior design industry, she has worked with an illustrious client base, including Victoria and David Beckham, Matches, Luke Kelly of the Roald Dahl Foundation and the Regent Hotel Group. Jessica has a holistic approach to design, in which she immerses herself in all parts of the design process including architecture, lighting and bespoke furniture.​​


SASCAL Studio is the family project of sisters Sarah and Caroline. SASCAL prefers a casual and layered environment that represents the owners above a highly "planned" clean space. They enjoy using a mix of antique and handmade furniture and lighting, along with a blend of art and accessories from across the world.

Studio Krokalia

Studio Krokalia is an interior design studio, founded by Pallas Kalamotusis in London. They work across the fields of interior design, interior architecture and custom furniture. From modern architectural projects to historical restorations, their portfolio is diverse and concerned with the marriage of history and modernity. ​

Studio Iro

Creative director and founder Lucy Currell is the driving force behind the interior design firm Studio Iro. Interiors by Studio Iro are unique and have subtle individuality. With her love of modernist furniture, contemporary art, and antiques, Lucy draws inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic known as Wabi Sabi, which emphasises finding beauty in imperfections to create distinctively diverse environments. She collaborates with artists and antiquarians to find one-of-a-kind, historically significant objects.

Covet Noir

The Chelsea-based interior design firm called Covet Noir is known for its classic, timeless style. Airy, sleek and modern can define this studio, which grew out of co-founders Maria Lindgren and Adele Lonergan’s common passion for fusing new and vintage objects to create spaces with a strong sense of personality.